Winners of Ramadan 1442H(2021AD) Daily Taraweeh Quiz

Here is a list of winners of Ramadan 1442H (2021AD) Daily Taraweeh Quiz. If you did not get the card by email, please claim your prize by sending an email to Each participant is limited to a maximum of 3 wins.

Session numberTotal ResponsesWinner NameNotes
1st night April 12about 15Nehaal Siddiqisent on 4/14/2021
2nd night April 13about 15Zayba Yasinsent on 4/15/2021
3rd night April 14about 15Jamil Batasent on 4/15/2021
4th night April 15
about 15Zain Mobeensent on 4/17/2021
5th night April 1615Harris Sheikhsent on 4/17/2021
6th night April 1714Yara Sallajsent on 4/18/2021
7th night April 1813Najiah Abuzarsent on 4/19/2021
8th night April 19 8 correct responsesAmna Abdullahsent on 4/22/2021
9th night April 2022Sana Zubairisent on 4/21/2021
10th night April 2121Badar Gorayasent on 4/22/2021
11th night April 2214Wafa Batasent on 4/24/2021
12th night April 2311Roba Elmoudisent on 4/25/2021
13th night April 2427Uzayr Yasinsent on 4/25/2021
14th night April 2530Sana Zubairi (2nd)sent on 4/26/2021
15th night April 26About 20Armaan Ansarisent on 4/27/2021
16th night April 2716Numaan Bukharisent on 4/28/2021
17th night April 2820Harris Sheikh (2nd)sent on 4/29/21
18th night April 291Najiah Abuzar(2nd)sent on 4/30/2021
19th night April 30not countedShaheer Siddiqisent on 5/2/2021
20th night May 124 correct responsesRouaa Elmoudi (2nd)sent on 5/3/2021
21st night May 216 correct responsesFajer Batasent on 5/4/2021
22nd night May 34 correctNumaan Bukhari (2nd)sent on 5/5/2021
23rd night May 41 correctNajiah Abuzer (3rd and final win)sent on 5/6/2021
24th night May 58 correctRuby Elmoudisent on 5/9/2021
25th night May 621 correctAbdullah Gorayasent on 5/8/2021
26th night May 716 correctZaid Sallajsent on 5/9/2021
27th night May 825 correctFatima Khansent on 5/10/2021
28th night May 914 correctYara Sallajsent on 5/10/2021
29th night May 10 (special feedback)30 responsesSana Zubairi (3rd and final win)sent on 5/11/2021
Special feedback Award30 responsesJamil Bata (2nd)sent on 5/11/2021