Winners of Ramadan 1441 (2020) Daily Taraveeh Quiz

Here is a list of winners of Ramadan 1441H (2020AD) Daily Taraveeh Quiz. Please claim your prize by sending an email to secretary at

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Winner NameNotes
Day 1 (23 April) 10JunaidArooj Arshadclaimed
Day 2 (24 April)6SabryHaris Sheikhclaimed
Day 3 (25 April)13JunaidSara Al-Najiclaimed
Day 4 (26 April)7JunaidYara Sallajclaimed
Day 5 (27 April)7Imam KhalilIrafana Fathimaclaimed
Day-6 (28 April)13SabryZaid Sallajclaimed
Day-7 (29 April)4SohailMaryam Qadriclaimed
Day-8 (30 April)4JunaidYaseen Hussainclaimed
Day-9 (1 May)13SohailWafa Bataclaimed
Day-10( 2 May)12SohailZaid Sallajclaimed
Day-11(3 May)2SohailMohammed al-Najiclaimed
Day-12 (4 May)13SohailSumaiya Hussainclaimed
Day-13 (5 May)12JunaidFajer Bataclaimed
Day-14 (6 May)9JunaidIrfana Fathimaclaimed
Day-15( 7 May)6SohailYara Sallajclaimed
Day-16 (8 May)15SohailBilal Hussainclaimed
Day-17 (9 May)10SohailYara Sallajclaimed
Day-18 (10 May)3SohailAisha Qadriclaimed
Day-19 (11 May)5SohailSana Zubairiclaimed
Day-20 (12 May)15SohailMariam Sallajclaimed
Day-21 (13 May)1-Arroj Arshadclaimed
Day-22 (14 May)2SohailIrfana Fathimaclaimed
Day-23 (15 May)8JunaidArmaan Ansariclaim your prize now
Day-24 (16 May)2SohailHarris Sheikhclaimed
Day-25 (17 May)1-Najiah Abuzerclaim your prize now
Day-26 (18 May)8SohailRouaa Elmoudiclaimed
Day-27 (19 May)5SohailRama Elmoudiclaimed
Day-28 (20 May)11SohailMariam Sallajclaimed
Day-29 (21 May)3SohailSana Zubairiclaimed
Special feedback Award23SohailAyesha Rasulclaim your prize now