Sunday School Info

Please note the ISNF Sunday An-Noor Islamic School is currently closed for summer break. Kindly revisit in September 2019 when the school schedule information will be shared for the new academic year.  You may contact the school by sending an email to sundayschool at isnf.og. During the summer, make sure the kids are getting regular Islamic education at home including Quran , Hadith and Fiqh of Salat. You may enroll the kids in the Quran reading program at the Masjid AnNoor or Masjid AtTaqwa. Please contact the Imams for details.

Principal:   Syed Khalil Ullah Qadri

School Board President:   Husam Ghanim

School Board Vice President:   Faisal Mollaei

Treasurer:   Sarah Syed

Secretary:   Nabila Saleh