Masjid An-Noor Expansion

A major expansion project for Masjid An-Noor is in progress.


  • ISNF general body approved the addition of mezzanine/second floor for sisters to pray in a comfortable and serene environment and to expand the prayer area for men in November 2016.
  • The site-plan was approved by the Amherst Panning Board in January 2018 and we received the final approval from the Amherst Planning Department in June 2018.
  • We signed a contract with an architect in May 2018,  selected the contractor and applied for the building permit in January 2019.
  • (Aug 19, 2019)  The building permit was issued by the town of Amherst.
  • (Sep 16th 2019) AlHamdoLillah, the construction for expansion has begun.
  • (Oct 6, 2019) The ground breaking ceremony was held at 12 noon. Some photos from the ceremony are posted below.
  • The expansion will provide a proper second-floor prayer area for Sisters (2100 sq. ft., about 2/3rd of the area of the current masjid) and increase the Masjid prayer-area for men from current 3000 sq. ft. (12 rows) to 5028 sq. ft (20 rows). There will be 58 additional parking spaces. The project cost is $1.2 million for the building and $305,000 for the site work. 
  • (Nov 29, 2019) Foundation & backfill work is complete.  Masonry work will start soon. Please contribute generously in order to complete this expansion project for our sisters, brothers, and future generations.
  • (Jan 9, 2020) Wall is almost complete. Steel work starts next week.
  • (Jan 24, 2020) The Mezzanine steel work and second floor bathroom construction is in progress 
  • (March 6, 2020) The boards are removed and you can see the progress yourself through the glass doors. The mezzanine floor is ready. A separate staircase leading to mezzanine floor is now complete. The front Imam area is done. Dome is planned to be installed in a couple of weeks.

We are actively engaged in raising funds for this project and will continue to update the community as the work progresses.  Please donate generously to make this project a reality. Here is the pledge form. If you wish to donate online, here is the link:  Click Here and donate selecting the category ‘construction’.

  • (August 14th, 2020) The interior work is almost 80% complete & exterior work has started with parking lot and pond expansion.  At this point with need $165,000 for the entire project (including the building as well as external work) within next 4 month.  
  • (November 14th, 2020) The interior and exterior work is 98% complete. Final touches of the interior work are in progress. The carpeting starts Nov 16th.
    At this point with need $75,000 for the entire project (including the building as well as external work) within next 2 months.  
    We encourage all members to sign up for monthly donation. 
    The donation can be made via;
    Mailing check to ISNF: PO Box 5, Getzville, NY 14068 or 
    Online Click here for donating online 
  • Masjid AnNoor Expansion Project Update Video December 2020
  • (March 31, 2021) We are very glad to inform the community that the town of Amherst has approved the temporary occupancy permit for the renovated and expanded Masjid AnNoor. The Masjid is now open for prayers. Here is a photo from Salat ul Isha after obtaining the permit.
  • (May 6, 2021) Currently we are doing active fundraising to complete the landscaping around the Masjid and roofing of the Imam’s residence. The projects include Dryvit repair, installing a new fence around the boundary, replacing the roof of the Imam’s residence and repairing and resurfacing existing parking lot. The estimated cost of these projects is around $300k.