Masjid An-Noor Expansion

A major expansion project for Masjid An-Noor is in progress.


  • ISNF general body approved the addition of mezzanine/second floor for sisters to pray in a comfortable and serene environment and to expand the prayer area for men in November 2016.
  • The site-plan was approved by the Amherst Panning Board in January 2018 and we received the final approval from the Amherst Planning Department in June 2018. We signed a contract with the Mussachio Architect in May 2018 and applied for the building permit in January 2019. The building permit is now available to us once we sign contract with a builder. Insha Allah, we will start with installation of the building foundation after Ramadan 2019.

We are actively engaged in raising funds for this project and will continue to update the community as the work progresses.  Please donate generously to make this project a reality. Here is the pledge form.