Weekly Announcements

#1. The breakfast program after fajr salat (6:30 AM) is to start this saturday (1/17/15).Every one is
invited. Families requested to make a dish to share and can contact Br. Raheem, Br.Raashid or
Br. Rasul. Imam Khalilullah will give the tafseer of the Quran.

#2. There is winter clothing drive for Syria. Please bring it to the masjid and place them near the
coat rooms. Volunteers are needed to sort them and place them in proper packaging. Please
contact Br.Fazal Wahab. Please do it by 1/23/2015.

#3. Those who have not signed up for regular automatic donation to the masjid are requested to do so. Forms are kept in the form cabinets under the bulletin board. They can be downloaded from the masjid web site also.


The following are the first of the New Year Announcements for 2015.

#1. The prayer area for Jumah prayers for women will be in the Banquet area, Insha Allah.

#2. Appeal to all ISNF members to be enrolled in the automatic donation program of $30 a month.
This will give stability to ISNF finances which help plan the entire budget for the year and saves
time which could be more efficiently utilized.

#3. The new Council of trustees election results are as follows:
Chairperson: Dr. Khalid Qazi
Secretary: Husam Ghanim.

#4. Al-Rasheed Academy in Lackawanna is looking for a Math & Science Teacher. Those interested
can apply directly or contact Br.Anwar Alkalai.

#5. Insha Allah, starting Jan 17th, (Saturdays only) there will be a breakfast program after fajr (6:30)
until end of February. All are invited for Quran tafseer by imam Khalilullah.

Weekly Announcements

Dear All, Assalamualaikum,

Family night on DECEMBER 25th (Thursday) starting 5:00 PM at Masjid An-Noor. Dinner has been sponsored by a group of ISNF members. We plan to have a speaker and games for both children and adults and qiyam-ul-layl, until late night. ALL ARE WELCOME.

The New ISNF Board is as follows:

Ghous Ahmed Yasin.. ….President
Rasool Khan …………… Vice President
Mohammed Tajuddin……Treasurer
Shahid Mehboob…………Secretary
Humeira Hashmi………….Member
Saeeda Siddiqui…………..Member
Amina Akhtar………………Member
Fazal Wahab……………….Member

Skyzone Event this Saturday, 12/13/2014, from 3:45 PM to 5:30 PM at 425 Cayuga, Cheektowaga, 14225. Tickets are sold out for the event. Contact Br. Fazal wahab for any left overs. Insha Allah there will be a tubing event next month or February. Wait for the announcement.

Ghous Ahmed Yasin
President, ISNF.

Eid-Ul-Adha Announcements

Please note Eid Al Azha Salat on Saturday the 4th of October will be at 8:30 AM led by Imam Khalilullah and second salat at 10:15 PM led by Br.Husam Ghanim, Insha Allah. Please car pool to avoid congestion. Families are requested to get sweets to share.

We are still collecting funds for Kashmir flood relief. Those interested can also donate their Udhiya/Qurbany money to ISNF to be transferred to Kashmir Valley people. Helping Hand has agreed to do so. Please mention it the Check Memo. Last day to donate will be Oct 4th (Day of Eid).

Encouraged by requests of many families and awareness amongst youngsters it has been decided to have day of Arafah potluck iftar (10/03/14) after Maqrib at 7:00 PM. However we will need quite a few volunteers to clean up after the event to keep it ready for the next day. Families are requested to get food dishes for the iftar. To prevent overap of one kind of dish you may call one of us. (Husam, Abdur Raheem, Yasin, Rasul or Imam).

Weekly Announcements

#1. Eid -Ul- Azha will be celebrated insha Allah on 10/4/2014. There shall be two salats at Masjid An-Noor at 745 Hiem Road. First one at 8:30 AM and Second one at 10:15 AM. Everyone is requested to car pool and park appropriately using all the parking spaces appropriately and not to park at the entrances. There will be only one Eid salat at Masjid Taqwa on Parker St.

#2. Fund raising event for recent Kashmir Flood disaster on October 18th Saturday at 5:00 PM. in the ISNF Banquet Hall. Checks can be written to ISNF with a memo for Kashmir Flood Donation. All are requested to participate in the event.

#3.Family night with speaker Zaid Khan on October 25th, Saturday in the ISNF Banquet Hall.

#4. The next 10 days are very auspicious blessed and fasting is recommended on all 9 days starting tomorrow (9/25/2014).