ISNF Weekly Announcements

1. Mindful about Parking at Masjid – Please DO NOT park your car anywhere in the front circle of the masjid at all times. It is a security hazzard for any emergencies. God forbid, if anything happens inside the masjid (anyone sick or injured) no emergency vehicles or law enforcement vehicles can come for our rescue. Please understand and co-operate with Majid management. Whoever violates his/her vehicle will be towed/ticketed on owner’s expense.

2. Saturday Morning Breakfast Program for 6 weeks – This Saturday would be the 3rd session. Each week Imam will do halaqa about each messenger and followed by nice breakfast. Please encourage your friends and families to attend

3. Imam House Repair – We have an expense of 10K for Imam’s house. It is our responsibility to provide our Imam and his family a safe place to live. Please help us raise 10K to cover the cost.

4. Year End Tax Forms – We are in process of sending the year end tax deductible forms. If you do not receive in next few days, please contact Br. Taj (our treasurer) @


As-salamu-alaykum All, Please note the following announcements, and do not
forget the Solidarity Rally this Thursday(12/17) at 3:00 pm at City hall.
Encourage family and friends to attend (details below).

1. *Newly elected ISNF Executive Board* – On behalf of our community, I
would like to ‘Thank You’ Br. Ghous Yasin (outgoing President), Sr. Humaira
Hashmi & Amina Aktar (outgoing board members) for all their relentless
efforts to our community. May Allah SWT bless them and their families and
give Ajr!

I would like to congratulate new board members and ask Allah SWT to give us
the ability to best serve our community! Ameen!

*ISNF BOARD 2015-16*

– Rasul Khan – President
– Attiq-Ur-Rahman – Vice President
– Shahid Mehboob – Secretary
– Tajudeen Kariapper – Treasurer
– Saeeda Siddiqui
– Junaid Zubairi
– Fazal Wahab
– Arshad Saeed
– Sadiq-ur-Rahman

2. *Solidarity Rally* – Please attend the solidarity rally on Thursday
December 17, 2015 3:00 pm at Niagara Square (In front of City Hall),
Buffalo, NY (further details at the end of this email)

3. A *halaqa and family night* event will be held on December 25th Friday
after Maqrib including a pot luck dinner. A speaker is being invited
4. A *year end appeal for funds to the masjid * before closing your books
for taxation for this year
Jazakumullahu Khyran,
Rasul Khan
President, ISNF

Weekly Announcements

1) Election ballots will be soon mailed to your addresses with ISNF Bylaw amendments. Please read thoroughly and if you have any questions please try to discuss, items you have questions about before the Annual General Body Meeting with the Bylaw committee itself.

2) The General Body Meeting will be held on 11-21-2015 after Asr Prayers at 3:15 PM. A fund raiser and Haj reception will be part of the proceedings, Insha Allah.

3) Applications are invited from college students for Annual ISNF Scholarship Awards. Three Awards of $1000 each will be awarded. Please include in your hand written or typed application your college, year, and academic qualification and a letter from your local masjid members. Any community service will add to your credentials. Please submit it to Imam Khalilullah. It is your responsibility to make sure he has received it before 11/14/2015.

4) Evening Quran classes for both boys and girls will start from 10/27/2015 (Tuesday) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please register with Imam Khalilullah.

5) ISNF looking for Lady teaches to teach Arabic/Quran for girls in the evenings. Those interested please contact me by email or in the masjid.

6) Aashoora day is on this Friday (11/23/15). Fasting for two days is recommended.


Insha Allah, Eid-Ul-Azha will be celebrated on 9/24/2015, Thursday
EID SALAH timing:
Masjid An-Noor : 1st salah @ 8:30 AM; 2nd salah @ 10:00 AM
Masjid Taqwa: @ 8:30 AM

The day of Arafat will be on 9/23/2015, Wednesday, when fasting is highly recommended
Udhiya/Qurbani to Syrian refugees $185 per share cost. It will be donated to the US registered organizations only. Write a check to ISNF, in the memo mention Udhiya/Qurbani