Qirat competition for students

Qirat competition for students divided in three categories and separate for boys and girls.
First category———————-Elementary School—–Choose one surah from Al-Balad to An-Nas.
Second category………………Middle School…………Choose one surah from An-Naba to Al-Fajr
Third category———————-High School…..Choose one page from a 15 line per page Mushaf
from either Surah Al-Kahaf,Surah Yaseen, Surah Al-
. Rahman, or Surah Mulk.

Competitors will be judged on memorisation, tajweed, and qirat. Those interested register either with imam Khalilullah, Br.Fazal Wahab, or Sr.Lubna or Sr.Faiza Khan.
There will be 3 prizes in each category i.e. 18 prizes in all.
Date and Time of Competition: Friday at 3:00 PM i.e.7/25/2014.

Announcements – April 30th 2014

#1. Sisters Halaqa tomorrow (4/30/14) at 11:00 AM – 12:00 Noon. See the flyer below.

#2. This Friday May 2nd 7-11pm MSA banquette in UB: Talk by Sheikh Yusha Evans and dinner. Admission ticket is 5:00 $ and will be sold after Jumah Prayers.
#3. Saturday May 17th @6:30pm 5th Annual ISNF and MSA Muslim Graduation Reception and Party
#4. Quran Khatam sisters event arranged by Sister rehab  for her 5yr old neice who passed away a week ago in Chicago and her cousin sister Jumana Abdelhay on behalf of her parents on May 3rd at 2:30 PM. This is a Sisters only event.
#5. Funeral prayers after Isha Salat tonight at 9:30 PM, for Br.Umeed Ali Raza from niagara Falls. Burial will be tomorrow at Mount Calvary Cemetery on Harlem Road.