Sunday School Admissions Open

New teachers and teacher aids needed. Please send CV to 

The 2018-2019 school year started on 9/16 AlhamdoLillah. 

Thank you to the over 140 students who registered already in school.  If your child is not registered online and a payment is made we may not be able to accommodate him/her. Only fully registered students (on-line registration, class assigned and a payment made) will be allowed in classes.


Please see available options to complete registration and tuition payment:

1- This Friday (9/14/2018) after Jumaa prayers in school office 2nd floor of Masjid An-Noor 2:15PM-3:15PM. For payments and books only, NO testing.

2- This Saturday (9/15/2018)10AM-12PM for payments, books and for testing of new students.

3- On Sunday, first day of school, will have registration, books sale and payment stations in banquet hall after assembly at 10:30AM (expect to wait 1-2 hr depending on crowd). There isn’t enough room upstairs to accommodate active classes and registration/testing at same time so we kindly ask all parents to remain in banquet hall with their children until completion of registration/payment or unless instructed to go to school office.

-Important: This year we will firmly follow these guidelines related to fees and payments:

1- The new management software will inform patents of amounts owed, paid and remaining balance. 

2- School will still accommodate families who can’t afford to pay full tuition but will request a proof of financial difficulties (social services documentation, tax return etc..)

3- Payments of unpaid previous year tuition (or documented and approved plan for payment for both years in case full payment before school starts) will be mandated before school starts and before students join school. Those parents will be contacted by phone to provide more information and exact amounts owed.

Online Registration Instructions For NEW FAMILIES (who didn’t have students in school last year, families with children in school from last year received separate instructions by email):

online registration is needed and payment should be made in person at Sunday school office: 

1- Please visit the link:   and then click on: “New Family ? Create An Account”

2- Please complete profile for both parents (address, phone numbers, email addresses, emergency contact etc.). If only one parent is involved in student’s care please enter same information for both parents. 

3- Enter names, gender and birth dates of children who will be joining school this year.

4- Class assignment will be done in school after assessment. 

5- To complete registration, payment will have to be made in-person before students are enrolled in class. 


Additional information about School:

  • Registration with payments should be completed so we can have all the students registered before the start of school.
  • The tuition for the school year 2018-2019 is $375 for the first child, $350 for each additional child. ISNF members receive a 10% discount.
  • We accept cash and checks as forms of payment. Please make checks payable to ISNF and in the memo please write Sunday school.
  • Books will be available for sale. This year new revised and expanded Islamic studies books will be used.
  • Free lunch will be provided throughout the school year. Please send lunch items with your child if there is an allergy or dislike.
  • For new students 6yrs and older, placement testing before placement in school.
  • A typical day in Sunday school starts at 10AM and concludes at 2PM and includes assembly, 3 classes and a lunch/activity break.
  • Three topics are taught in school: Islamic studies, Quran Hifz, Quranic Arabic.
  • Each unexcused tardy or absence will result in points taken out from final grade. Students with the best attendance and their parents will get rewards and tickets to win prizes.
  • The assembly is for everyone in the school community including students, parents, teachers, volunteers and administrators and it focuses on Islamic topics that we all need to adhere to and teach to our children. Parents are also encouraged to attend Dhuhur prayer with their child.